Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Deadly Decal -

A Haunting tale...

One Halloween Night, a young woman named Silvia, choked to death on a popcorn ball. 

The family asked Silvia's cousin, whose name was Jenny, to arrange a suitable memorial for Silvia, thinking perhaps she would select a bench on a seaside trail, or a tree to be planted in a beautiful park, or maybe a lovely birdbath for the church garden.

But, the next day, while stuck in traffic, Jenny noticed a decal in the rear window of a Toyota - In Loving Memory of Rodolfo - and she thought, "That would be a classy tribute for my cousin, and much cheaper than a birdbath." So Jenny got some decals with Silvia's name and put them on all the family cars. 

A year later, on Halloween Night, as Jenny drove alone on a dark road, a feeling of foreboding came over her. A storm was raging. Thunder roared. Lightning flashed. And in the rear-view mirror Jenny saw the decal - Silvia! 

Jenny drove faster and faster trying to escape the horrible decal that chased her down the moonless road. Flash! Again the lightning lit up her cousin's name. As Jenny's car veered off the bridge and plunged into the river, her final thought was, "I should have gone with the damn birdbath."