Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Making Plans -

Reaching out...

To: Strategy Team Members
From: Dr. Flumsy, Principal
RE: Choosing Plan A, or maybe Plan B

The pending decision about whether we should go with Temporary Plan A or Interim Plan B is being held in abeyance until it can be determined whether it is best to postpone making a commitment, or suspend any resolution until our options have been fully reviewed.

As the deadline approaches, we may announce a tentative selection that would signal our flexible resolve to re-evaluate either Plan A or Plan B while we take another look at Plan C. Alternatively, we may delay putting off any announcement and put everything on hold for an unspecified length of time.

Once we make up our minds, a review of our choices will be made before anything gets carved in stone. Meanwhile, please send suggestions for rescheduling our next Strategy Team meeting to the office. Include at least two alternate dates.


Dr. F.