Monday, October 1, 2018

Missionary Undoing -

Field Report...

Floyd Frock has spent decades in Africa, following behind missionaries from village to village, undoing their work as he goes. 

"It really isn't that difficult to restore a tribe's original beliefs," said Frock. "I ask them to tell me something about the white man's religion. Then I ask, 'Kwa nini mungu kufanya hivyo?' which means, 'Why would God do that?'"

Frock continued, "While the natives are scratching their heads, I quietly hand a rattle to their former Shaman and he takes if from there. Somebody gets out a drum and everyone happily goes back to their traditional ways.

But not so far back as cannablism, says Frock, "I tell them, if they must cook people, it's better just to enjoy the broth."