Friday, November 9, 2018

Elite Correct -

Social media tip...

These days in America you don't want to be taken for an Intellectual and concealing your education is not easy when you use proper grammar.

That's why you should protect yourself with Elite Correct - the app that automatically edits your email and text messages, and replaces "you're" with "your."

Because the simple English contraction you learned in third grade can spell real trouble in these changing times.

Let's say you type:"You're awesome." That could peg you as an Elitist. Not to worry. Elite Correct automatically amends your hoity-toity message to read: "Your awesome," so you don't come across as a pretentious snob or (even worse) a progressive.

Also download Heathen Correct to hide your lack of religion. If you text, "I'm so lucky," Heathen Correct automatically substitutes, "I'm so blessed."

Your welcome.