Monday, August 12, 2019

Bear Caught Salmon -

From Bob Decker, Wilderness Trekker...

Hi, Everyone: I'm here at stream side where insulated metal boxes have been installed on the river banks. As you can see, the local bears are filling them with salmon. When a bear puts his fresh catch in the top of the box, a bowl of porridge comes out of a chute on the side.

With me now is Phil Fobus of Northwest Fisheries. Phil, I hear there is a thriving market for bear-caught salmon.

"That is correct, Bob. Chains like Murky's Whole Groceries cater to a clientele that prefers more natural methods of harvesting. Farmed salmon, net-caught salmon, and line-caught salmon leave a big carbon footprint. Bear-caught salmon? Not so much. Maybe some tracks in the mud."

Comments -

Bradly M. - I hear they're outsourcing this to China because pandas will work for less.