Friday, May 15, 2020

Soccer goals - 📌

Heads, you win...

On Sunday, twenty-two professional soccer players tried to put a ball through either of two goals. Each goal opening was a gaping eight feet high and twenty-four feet wide. 

And yet, after ninety minutes of world-class play, and after taking almost forty shots directly at those giant openings, only three goals were made.

What's more, one of the points was scored by a player who inadvertently kicked a ball into his opponent's net. which. as any soccer fan will tell you, is not an unusual occurrence. Soccer goals are so haphazard they seem to be lucky accidents. 

Indeed, whenever a ball does go into the net, nobody is more surprised than the players. They jump around in bewildered jubilance as if they'd just won the lottery. 

And that brings me to the following idea: When they toss the coin at the start of the game, why not let that decide the winner right there. Heads or Tails. The outcome would be just as valid and everyone could start victory celebrations ninety minutes sooner.