Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Baby Re-naming - 📌

It's officical... 

September has been declared National Baby Re-naming Month by the U.S. Department of Records. 

So says Director, Oblivia Barnes, "Many new parents give their innocent children really bad names," explained Barnes. "By the time they realize Reebeckah, Bronko, or Sparkle, isn't working, parents find it hard to admit how stupid they were." 

Baby Re-naming Month offers remorseful parents a socially-acceptable bridge back to sanity. For many moms and dads, it's a chance to correct a wrong and save their children from a lifetime of grief. 

The re-naming process will be streamlined for babies born during the past fiscal year. All fees will be waived. Extra staff will be on duty and they promise not to snicker, snort, laugh, or grimace at any child's bad name.