Wednesday, November 11, 2020

MAGA Rally -

Campaigning in Georgia -

Finally, the president got to the highlight of the evening and said:

"Now it's time to give away some incredible door prizes. Mike will draw the winning tickets and I will read off the numbers. My incredible daughter will hand out prizes to the lucky winners. Here we go...

"First up is two nights at Mar-a-Lago. It might be a discount, could be half-price, maybe you'll have to pay for green fees, but still an incredible prize.

"Hey! Is that guy wearing a mask? Get him the hell out of here!

"Next prize is lunch at Mar-a-Lago, which is good anytime except weekends and holidays. Oh, the coupon says it's buy one entrée and get one free. Also, you must pay for two beverages.

"And the number is 725. I see Eric waving his arms and here he comes. Let's check his ticket. We don't want anyone to think this drawing is rigged."