Monday, June 22, 2020

Rescue Dog - 📌

Out and about...

I took my pooch to the park. A lady with a Spaniel paused to let our dogs sniff each other's butts.

"Is your dog a rescue dog?" the lady asked?

"No, he never rescued anyone," I replied.

"I mean, was your dog rescued?" she asked.

"No," I answered.

"Well, didn't you rescue him?" she asked.

"No, some nice people had some puppies and we took one," I said.

"But your poor dog could have been, abandoned, abused, and on the brink of a horrible death, right?" she pressed.

"Unlikely," I said.

"Then you did rescue him from horrible possibilities," she concluded with some satisfaction.

"Probably not," I said, walking on down the path.

"Yes, sir!" the lady called after me, "That is one lucky rescue dog you have there."