Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Writing Process - 🎓

Feedback for you...

To: Murky Vista Teachers
From: Dr. Flumsy, Principal

On my latest creep-through, I noticed some of you not using the current Writing Process Steps. In fact, some of you are teaching steps from last month. We've changed Writing Programs three times since then!

People: Rough Draft? Peer Editing? Revising? Seriously?

Look: we all know it’s hard to get kids to write. That's why the current researched-based Writing Process Steps were designed to match reality in the classroom.

Here are this week's official Writing Process Steps:

1. Denial - I can't write.
2. Anger - You can't make me write.
3. Bargaining - How much do I have to write?
4. Depression - Can I go to the nurse?
5. Acceptance - Is this enough?

Please see these steps are double laminated and posted in your classroom before tomorrow morning. And try to keep up with the changes.

Thank you, or else,

Dr. Flumsy