Wednesday, October 14, 2020

New Report Card - 🎓

Letter to the teacher...

Dear Mr. Ficklesworth,

Thank you for sending Felonia's report card home. I know report cards have changed, but I'm puzzled by some of the terms. 
For example, in math you checked the box for “exceeding mastery at below grade-level expectations."

In language arts my daughter was “approaching proficiency in advanced remedial areas," and for science Felonia was “surpassing near competency." About history you indicated “receding progress has improved."

Then there were scores for over fifty tests, exams, and quizzes under the heading of Malevolent Measures. The whole thing made me dizzy. 
Can we meet next week to discuss how Felonia is doing in school? She is passing, isn’t she?


Mrs. Fenortner