Friday, April 2, 2021

Rosary Trouble - ⛪

Crossing the line...

Since I was going to Rome anyway, my friend, Frieda, asked me to buy a rosary at the Vatican and, if possible, have it blessed by the pope.

In the Vatican gift shop, I first picked up a refrigerator magnet. Cast in one gaudy lump were the Colosseum, Tower of Pisa, Statue of David, and a Venetian gondola, all hand-painted, rather crudely.

Then I asked a rather stern woman behind the counter for advice on a rosary and about the blessing procedure: "Write your information on this envelope," she said, "put the rosary inside, and leave it with me. After it is blessed, the rosary will be delivered to your hotel."

The woman left me and I put Frieda's rosary inside. I also slipped the refrigerator magnet into the envelop, thinking it might get a spill-over blessing. But, when the rosary arrived at my hotel, someone had put the magnet in a separate zip-loc with a note: "This item not blessed."

Back home, I put the magnet on the fridge and went to bed. During the night, the refrigerator motor overheated and set off the smoke alarm. The repair bill was $453.

I just hope that's the end of it.