Friday, January 12, 2018

Football Cheer -

Now hear this...

People who say football fans have no control over the success of their favorite teams don't know the power of a cheering crowd. So says audiologist Dr. Franz Frenzi of Sprawling University who compared various team's win/loss record with the volume of noise produced its fans.

"We found that teams with the loudest fans scored the most points," said Frenzi. "In every case fan-generated sound correlated directly with the outcome of football games."

This is welcome news to football fans who want to take personal credit for their teams' victories. The most vocal supporters finally have a reason to say, "We won!"

Comments -

Sergio Spagaloni - I guess we don't even need football players. Fans for opposing teams would pay to sit in a stadium and shout at sound-level meters. The side with the loudest fans would win. With enough lung power fans could make the sound-offs and advance to the Decibowl.