Monday, January 8, 2018

Funeral Procession -

 Broken news...

More than 250 ice cream trucks from three states formed a massive funeral procession to honor frozen novelty vendor Frank Fleeter who died Saturday.

"We got the idea from law enforcement agencies," said Filbert Fry who organized the event. "It's was an awesome tribute - a really long line of ice cream trucks, flashing their blinkers, playing their musical jingles - in a solemn farewell to a brother most of us never met." 

"I don't mean to say ice cream vendors are on a par with police officers," explained Fry, "but an extravagant show of solidarity like this fills everyone of us with pride in our profession."

This just in...

Metro Transit System driver, Phyllis Phillips, died this morning at Sprawling Memorial Hospital. An MTS spokesperson said her funeral procession will have over 1,000 city buses from the greater southwest area. 

Comments  -

Fred Flynn - I am a fork-lift operator down at Sprawling Lumber. We members of Local 392 aren't heroes like police officers, but we never know when a pallet of two-by-fours will crush the life out of us. I'm sure our families would be comforted by the site of a mile-long procession of forklifts going to the cemetery.