Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Student Pick-up - a Murky Memo

Letter from the principal...

Dear Parents,

I have received many complaints about the long line of cars when parents pick up their children after school. 

Here's the problem: You want to pick up your own children. But When you drive up they are usually messing around. Eventually, they see you and push their way through the crowd. That's just not working. Starting Monday, we will have a new procedure.

At 3:05 all students will be standing in a line as you pull up in front of the school. You simply collect the next children in line (whomever they are) and take them to your house. Feed them dinner, help with the homework, and read a bedtime story. Think of it as Air B&B for kids. Your home will be rated from one to five stars based on the students' reviews.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Dr. Flumsy, Principal