Monday, April 9, 2018

Split Screen - EXTRA

As seen on TV...

Just as the president's press conference was going on the air, word came into the control booth of a police pursuit in progress. The news producer looked at the monitors. Two dramatic spectacles were breaking at the same time. She quickly put both feeds on a split-screen.

America watched the live side-by-side images of the president and a carjacker, neither having respect for the law, or regard for public safety, and each careening recklessly toward disaster.

The carjacker swerved into the wrong lanes. A cop quickly deployed Spike Strips that punctured the carjacker's tires and averted a horrible crash.

At the same moment, the president veered away from his script. But nobody threw Spike Strips. Nobody performed a PIT maneuver to avert a the looming disaster.

The president just kept on talking as 39% of the viewers cheered him on.