Friday, June 29, 2018

Downplaying Hell - Papal Surprise #9

Vatican kerfuffle..

Yesterday, the Pope said Hell isn't as bad as most people think. The neo-teric cleric explained that Heaven is definitely the better place to spend eternity, but descriptions of Hell have been exaggerated for centuries. "It's more like a run-down city with a corrupt mayor," explained the Pontiff, and pets are allowed."

This latest Papal Surprise came two weeks after the Pontiff  said Satan is widely misunderstood and asked, "Who are we to judge?"

Church officials quickly issued the following statement: "Holy crap! We all know the Pope as an up-beat person who a
lways looks on the bright side of life, but Hell is just as horrible as the Bible says it is."

Next Friday, the last in this series: Papal Surprise, #10 "Skipping Hell"