Friday, June 8, 2018

Seeing Signs - Papal Surprise #6

From the Vatican...

On Saturday, the Pope received a sign in the liquified contents of a magic orb. The miracle occurred in response to His Holiness asking a dead saint for a performance review and then kissing the special sphere.* The orb indicated the Pope was doing a good job.

"It's unclear who should get credit for the miracle," said a Vatican spokesman. "The pope did kiss the orb, but it was the saint who sent the liquescent message. It's a five-pointer so that's hard to split."

Cardinals will consult a Ouija Board to determine how the miracle points should be awarded. Last Christmas, the Pontiff caused a flurry of excitement when he shook a snow globe and caused a small blizzard inside.

*Based on actual events or statements by the actual Pope. 

Next Friday: Papal Surprise #7