Friday, January 14, 2022

Gross Indignity - 📌

A simple request...

Dear Family,

    When you are talking about my recent medical procedure, please don't go into all the details. Simply say, "John had some discomfort and he's recovering as expected."
    It isn't necessary to mention any liquids, solids, or semi-solids that may have been spewed, spurted, coughed up, or squeezed out of my body. There is no reason to describe various substances that might have drained, dripped, oozed, gushed, or otherwise expelled by me. Just report, "John is making good progress."

    It isn't helpful to explain any bio matter that was sliced, diced, lasered, gouged out, or scraped off of me. Please don't discuss any tubes, scopes, or probes that were pushed down, shoved up, or inserted into any orifice, nor reveal any discharge of slime, sludge, or sewage that required wiping off, sponging off, mopping up, or hosing down.

    You may think it's necessary to describe the details my procedure, but it's damn embarrassing to me. So, please: thank everyone for asking and tell them, "John is recuperating nicely." That's all you need to say.

Sincerely, John