Friday, October 20, 2017

Smashed at Solong Peninsula - MPYC #3

Moot Point Yacht Club - Uncovering the tragic tale...

Intrepid was the pride of MPYC flotilla and served as its flagship but calamity befell her on Independence Day 1945 as Commodore Myron Heath Windage II took the tiller.

In fair weather with a mild breeze, as Windage Junior tried to circumnavigate Solong Peninsula, jagged rocks pierced the Intrepid's hull. The yacht split amidships. Intrepid sank into the briny abyss with the stalwart Commodore at his post. All hands were lost.

This would not be the last disaster for the MPYC.

Next Friday - MYPC #4 - "Lost at Sea" 

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Latest Research - A Murky Memo

A Murky Memo...

A new study has found that research is no better than common sense when it comes to proving the effectiveness of new teaching methods. So says Professor Franz Fritz of University School of College.

“We noticed that every new teaching method was backed by research claiming it was best,” said Fritz, “Since every new teaching method couldn’t be the best, we tested research itself and, according to the research on research, research is 53% less effective than a good hunch."

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Gross Inflation -

A timely tip...

Are you adding more Halloween crap to your house each year? Now you can simplify your October decorating with giant Inflatable Yard Displays. 

Just throw one on your front lawn, plug an extension cord into a timer, and you're done. 

At dusk the festive forms rise automatically to rule the night. By dawn they lie sadly flaccid on the grass, like discarded condoms. 

Comments -

Archie  - That's disgusting. Are you trying to spoil Halloween?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Wrecked on Crag Jetty - MPYC #2

Moot Point Yacht Club Uncovering the tragic tale...

Dauntless provided a handsome platform from which to observe the MPYC's many festive regattas, but disaster struck on Memorial Day 1935 with Commodore Myron Heath Windage at the helm.

On that clear and calm afternoon, as Windage attempted to cross Crag Jetty, the riprap ripped the bilges out of Dauntless.

The brave commodore remained on the bridge. The vessel capsized. The crew clamored into a small dinghy and were pulled down by the swirling vortex. Dauntless sank with no survivors.

Tune in each Friday for the next thrilling MPYC adventure - "Crashed on Solong Peninsula." 

Next Friday - MYPC #3 - "Smashed on Solong Penisula" 

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fatal Fractions - A Murky Memo

A Murky Memo...

To: Fourth-Grade Teachers
From: Flora Fustabustus, District Math Guru
RE: Handy Tip

Student interest goes up when you personalize math lessons. Try using your students' names in word problems. 

Here's an example:

Vanessa went to the Halloween Carnival. Inside the Haunted House she saw a Vampire that scared her half to death. Next, she saw a Zombie that scared her three-eights to death. If Vanessa met a Werewolf, what fraction of a scare would it take to finish off poor Vanessa?

Be Creative and have fun,


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Monday, October 9, 2017

Biker Fight -

News and reviews...

Rival biker gangs got into a melee at Buck's Beer & Burgers on Friday afternoon. Dozens of motorcycle club members were arrested for shooting, stabbing, and leaving without paying for their meals.

"They didn't seem like the type to dine and dash," said restaurant manager Hank Fontain. "Since they all had big wallets chained to their pants, I figured they must have plenty of cash."

Local Police were prepared for trouble at Buck's and collected over two hundred guns and knives, and more than two miles of wallet chains.


1. Buck's Beer & Burgers

142 reviews

I took my kids to Buck's and the burgers were great, but some bikers in the next booth got rather loud and started throwing punches. Someone fired a two shots into the floor, and a bloody ear landed on our table. So one star off for gunfire, and one off for the bloody ear.