Monday, June 7, 2021

Massive Procession - 🍩

Broken news...

More than 250 ice cream trucks and vans came from three states to form a massive funeral procession in honor Frank Flatney, a frozen novelty vendor who died on Saturday.

"We got the idea from law enforcement," said Vernon Brown who organized the event. "It's an awesome tribute: a really long line of ice cream trucks, flashing their flashers and blaring musical jingles - all in an emotional farewell to a brother few of us had ever met." 

"I don't mean to say ice cream vendors are on a par with police officers," explained Brown, "but such an extravagant show of solidarity is a comfort to any family that is suffering a loss."

Thousands of people were attracted by the musical jingles and lined the streets to view the procession. Traffic was delayed for miles around as the trucks kept stopping to sell ice cream.