Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Kissing Errors - 💘

A beginner's guide...

Between lovers, the most common kiss is the Hello or Good-bye Kiss. It's a brief, slightly puckered, right-on-the-lips kiss that ends with a crisp smacking or smoochy sound. The timing of the smoochy sound is crucial to a successful kiss.

Pre-smack occurs when one or both of the lovers make the smooching sound before their lips touch. This error might be interpreted as eagerness but doing it more than once will be seen as clumsy.

Smack Lag happens when the smooching sound comes after the lips separate. This could suggest someone was so enthralled they forgot to smack, or perhaps their mind was somewhere else altogether.

These kissing errors can be avoided with a little practice. Once you and your lover have perfected Simal Smack you will be smooching like Romeo and Juliet.